About Triangle

What is Triangle?

Triangle is a social fraternity for male students majoring in  engineering, architecture, and the physical, mathematical, biological, and computer sciences. Our organization is dedicated to helping men with interests in these areas realize their full potential in college and develop into well-rounded, academically driven men who are involved on campus. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Triangle shall be to maintain a fraternity of engineers, architects, and scientists. It shall carry out its purpose by establishing chapters that develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity.

History of Triangle

Triangle was originally formed in 1906 by sixteen civil engineering students at the University of Illinois and first became established as a social fraternity on April 15th, 1907. Since then thousands of men have been initiated into the order and Triangle has grown into a national organization with 36 chapters, colonies and interest groups across 22 states. Throughout Triangle’s 116 years of growth, its founding values and traditions have remained constant.


The Minnesota chapter of Triangle hosts a variety of events, both social and professional. We host or participate in roughly one event each week, including everything from game nights, bonfires and weekend hangouts to more professionally focused things like career fairs and resume workshops. We frequently do events with other Greek life organizations and students groups on campus.


We seek to support our brothers not only through brotherhood, but also through generous scholarships. Annually, there are $15,000 available in scholarships to the Minnesota Chapter Actives thanks to the kindness of William Kahlert, and $65,000 available in scholarships to all Triangle Actives across the country. The Minnesota Chapter of Triangle Fraternity additionally offers up to $750 to new first-year male students in all of our accepted majors (See Recruitment Page), with its Building Better Men Scholarship. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the fraternity VP Recruitment Max Tuzinski-Dahse at triangle@umn.edu.

Morals and Code of Ethics

All Triangle brothers hold themselves to a high moral standard and strive to be the best men they can in order to build a better world for tomorrow. Triangle’s Code of Ethics reflects our fraternities believes and values.

As a member of Triangle, I recognize my obligation to:

  1. Observe the precepts of the Fraternity as set forth in the Ritual
  2. Accept cheerfully my full share of any task, however menial, involved in maintaining a chapter home
  3. Preserve and promote the chosen ideals of my Fraternity
  4. Pay all personal bills promptly, and always live within my means
  5. Help create in my chapter home an environment in which enduring friendships may be formed
  6. Maintain a creditable scholastic record
  7. Promote the welfare of my profession
  8. Maintain my self-respect by proper conduct at all times
  9. Uphold faithfully the traditions and program of my Alma Mater
  10. Pay the price of success in honest effort

Learn more about Triangle on our national website: https://www.triangle.org/