Membership Events

Membership Dinner: A few times every semester we have formal dinners together as a chapter after our meetings on Sundays.

Membership Events: Along with dinners we also strive to have frequent events for our members (~1 per week), including game nights, bonfires, movie watch parties, and more.

Current Active Members

Ben Rinzel, Michael Schnall, Dan Abraham, Jackson Deal, Hunter Messner, Jesse Schewe, Ethan Helfenstein, Michael Dehmer, Mathew McNamara, Tanner Jack, Braden Richardson, Zach Waldauer, Alex Grey, Dustin Laufenberg, Jacob Kobilarcsik, Jonah Reed, Aaron Dahl, Hale Thomas, Max Tuzinski-Dashe, Dario Araya, Jakob Edwards, Gus Krough, Adam Larson, James McCabe, Thomas Wilkowske, Alejandro Zeise, Jared Schultz, Cole Rosengren, Mitchell Mell