Membership Events

Membership Dinner: Every semester we have five formal dinners together as a chapter after our meetings on Sundays.

Membership Meetings: Along with dinners we also strive to have Membership Presentations five times a semester, discussing different aspects of what it means to be a true member of the Minnesota Chapter of Triangle Fraternity.

Current Active Members

Leyzer Carrera, Stefan Moses, Morgan Lappi, Michael Lambert, Alex LaValley, Nikolas Pardoe, Ben Rinzel, Kieran Hynes, Michael Schnall, Ben Beaudoin, Brian King, Dan Abraham, Jackson Deal, Hunter Messner, Jesse Schewe, Ethan Helfenstein, Michael Dehmer, Tucker Dilthey, Mathew McNamara, Evan Grove, Tanner Jack, Braden Richards, Jack Dong, Austin Ramos, Zach Waldauer